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How the forum operates

Messagede Cépafo » 24 Aoû 2013, 14:53

In the General Discussions forum, you can discuss whatever you want, in the language you want.

Just write your post in the language of your choice and the translation either in French (if your mother tongue is French) or English (if it's English), between spoiler tags.

BUT! Because there is a but! To keep the thread flowing, if there's something you haven't understood, if you have a question about a grammar point or something that requires an explanation, just post your question in the section of the Linguistic Discussions forum relevant to the language concerned.

Of course teeny tiny questions requiring a quick answer and no long linguistic discussions or grammar explanations can be asked during the course of the discussion in the original thread, provided the rule "forein language/translation in French (or English)" is followed.

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